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The FN Browning Forbidden Christmas Gift! 
By Anthony Vanderlinden

Note: We do not have any knives for sale and none are available on the U.S. market  

History: Sometime in August 2004, FN decided to do something special for its employees at Christmas. Instead of giving the habitual small Christmas bonus check, FN decided to commission the engraving of a nice folding knife and present one to each of its 1,100 employees. A total of 1,500 Browning knives were ordered, engraved and gold inlaid with the FN logo, the Browning logo and the Perron of Liege (symbol of the city as well and the Liege proof-house). Each knife was marked "1 of 1500." The knives were destined for the employees and 400 knifes were to be gifts for dignitaries and customers.

Caption: FN Christmas Gift Knife shown with wooden presentation case, Browning leaflet, 
FN Factory Christmas card (not for sale) and FN 100 year Anniversary medal (not for sale).  Illustrated knife was cleaned using Ballistol. 

The knives were completed and delivered on time and ready for distribution at Christmas, when FNs legal department first heard about this initiative. The legal department soon determined that this folding pocketknife was considered illegal in Belgium and that these could not be given to employees without creating legal consequences.

The story came out and a Belgian newspaper further dramatized the situation by running the headline: "FN wanted to offer a prohibited weapon to its employees"
The basis for this beautiful gift was a Browning Model 10 knife with nice hardwood stocks and an engraved / inlaid blade. The knife itself was presented in a wooden case with display window. The knife, engraving and case were tastefully and elegantly executed.

The knives were consequently repackaged; none of the FN employees got them. They were sold in Germany and at the Shot Show.


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