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VIS Radom

A Study and Photographic Album of Poland's Finest Pistol

By William J. York


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VIS Radom - A Study and Photographic Album of Poland's Finest Pistol, is now available and shipping daily. We have autographed copies available at no extra cost. 

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  • Title: VIS Radom
    Subtitle: A Study and Photographic Album of Poland's Finest Pistol
    Author: William J. York
    Pages: 255
    Cover: Hardbound color cover
    Size: 8.75" x 11.25" (22 x28 cm.)
    Photographs: 600
    Printed and bound in the USA
    ISBN: 0-9707997-8-0
    Production run: Limited to 2000 copies
    Price: $57.95 
    Wholesale pricing available

                Vis Radom is the first comprehensive collector's book aimed at detailing all variants of the VIS pistol. William York's analytical approach investigates the origins of the pistol and reveals some new conclusions about what influenced the pistol's designers.  Parts and assemblies are discussed and illustrated in detail.  Aside from the practical sections, like takedown of the pistol, shooting and collecting the VIS, the author has delved into the history of the pistol and its production.  Working with collectors in the U.S. and in Poland, a wealth of new historical information has been revealed.  

                Illustrated for the first time, are many period and wartime documents, period photographs and technical drawings.  All these materials greatly contribute to the work which also elaborates into prototypes, model variances, manufacturing changes as well as accessories like holsters, cleaning rods, shoulder-stocks, ammunition, conversion units, etc.

                A large section of the book is dedicated to the photographic gallery, which gives an uncanny perspective on the entire production including prewar VIS model years as well as the entire wartime production. The wartime galleries illustrate every serial number letter code prefix while showing first hand the deterioration of quality and production simplifications instilled as the war progressed.  Other sections include pistols of the Polish Underground, non-VIS pistol models and even rifles made at Radom.

            Vis Radom will enchant both the novice as well as the advanced collector and is a must for any firearms reference library. 



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Customers reviews and feedback

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"A top-notch collaboration effort between you and Bill York: Thank you! My copy arrived in yesterday's post delivery and is everything I might have hoped that it would be" ---- Roger, VA

"At long last a great book on the Radom pistol. I am amazed about how much new information the author was able to find." --- Brian, SC

Please scroll down for sample pages and content index.


I. Polandís Pistol - A Historical Overview

                A brief background on its country of Origin

                Military Challenges, 1918-1922

                Polandís Industrial and Small Arms Situation

II. Enter the VIS

                Design Influences: The Colt 1911.

                Design Influences: The assumed Fabrique Nationale connection

                Design Influences: The .45 caliber Ruby

III. The VIS Pistol: A detailed Parts Description

                Barrel Slide Assembly


                Captive Recoil Spring Assembly

                Slide Assembly

                The Slide Stop

                The Frame

                The Magazine

                The Grips

IV.  VIS Production History and Characteristics

                The prewar production

                Production during the German occupation: Steyr, Znaim, Gusen

                P35/III(p) Technical Drawings

                Select Wartime Factory Documents

                A Visual Representation of Znaim after Allied Bombing

V.  VIS Markings

                Markings on Polish production

                Markings on German production

                WaA illustrations and details

VI.  VIS Serial Numbers

                Polish production

                German production

                Note on BNZ serial numbers

VII.   VIS Finishes

VIII.  Variations of the VIS

                .22, .45 and presentation pistols

                The Full Automatic VIS

                The 1992 Replica VIS

                Polish Underground VIS pistols

IX.  Accessories


                Cleaning Rod





                .22 Conversion Unit

X.  Shooting the VIS and a description on how it functions

                Shooting the VIS

                How the VIS functions

XI.  Take-down of the VIS

                Field Stripping

                Detail Stripping

                The Frame Assembly

                The Slide and Captive Recoil Spring

                Parts compatibility with the Colt Model 1911

XII.  Collecting the VIS

                Import Marked Pistols

                A Warning on Counterfeits

XIII. Production Evolution through Observations

                & References to the Photo Gallery

XIV.  Photography Gallery I:

                The Polish Production from Prototype through 1939

XV.  Photography Gallery II: Occupation Production

                Pre-Alphabet & First Alphabet Prefix Series

XVI.  Photography Gallery III: Occupation Production

                Second Alphabet Prefix Series

XVII.  Photography Gallery IV:

                VIS Pistols of the Polish Underground

XVIII.  Photography Gallery V:

                Non-VIS Handgun Production at Radom

XIX.  Photography Gallery V:

                Rifle Production at Radom

XX. Bibliography  



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