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Meet the Wet Dogs

  Hobbs (July 4, 1994 - August 16, 2009): The Original Wet Dog and the inspiration for our company name.  Hobbs was the company mascot and was beloved by all our customers and vendors.  Originally a rescued Golden Retriever, Hobbs became one of the most serene and intelligent dogs we ever had the pleasure of living with.   We miss him every day.   

Ailey:  Ailey joined the pack in 2004. Also a rescued Golden, she is our first Golden to dislike water... she prefers to sit on the beach under the sunbrella watching others go by.  Ailey is known as the eternal puppy, always playful and happy.  Although Ailey is 11 years old, she still is a force to be reckoned with and rough-houses with Duma every chance she gets.  Lately she has taken on the role of guard dog and likes to alert the pack whenever needed.   Seen here is a rare photo of her after a swim...   

Schroeder: We adopted Schroeder from the Triad Golden Rescue Society in 2010.  He quickly became Ailey's best friend, playful yet pensive at times. Schroeder continues the Wet Dog tradition by being a fanatical swimmer.  He is extremely obedient and intelligent.  Schroeder likes discipline and is not shy to vocalize his dissatisfaction when other pack members are out-of-line.  We often call him "the Little Sherriff" and he quickly took on the role of mentor for Duma. Like Duma, Schroeder has completed training/obedience classes including Canine Good Citizen.  He likes going to Triad Golden Retriever Rescue functions and volunteering at fundraising functions.  

   Duma: Duma joined the pack in late 2011.  It is amusing to see this young Russian Wolfhound (Borzoi) adapt to living with Golden Retrievers.  Under tutelage of Ailey and Schroeder, he quickly learned all the essentials of Golden living including retrieving tennis balls, sleeping and eating good food.  The latter includes eating a banana for breakfast every morning and begging for fresh fruit and vegetables at every meal.  Duma's demeanor is inspiring.  He likes to experience new things and quickly overcame the typical sight hound characteristics like indifference and shyness.  He is very social, intelligent and protective. Duma enjoys his freedom but unlike most sight-hounds he does not run away. Duma has completed therapy dog training.  He volunteers as a therapy dog at our local hospital and retirement facility.           



Some Wet Dog Photographs 



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